Travel Guide to Luneta | How to commute to Rizal Park by Jeep, Bus or Train | 2024

Luneta / Rizal Park

In December 30, 1896, Jose Rizal was executed in Plaza de la Luneta located in Bagumbayan, now called Rizal Park, for the crime of rebellion against the Spanish Government. Five years later, he was declared as the Philippine National Hero under the American Regime and twelve years later in 1913, a monument was erected to commemorate the national hero and the park was renamed to Rizal Park. And finally in 1955, President Ramon Magsaysay established Luneta as a National Park by virtue of Procalmation 234.

Travelling today or planning to Commute going to Rizal Park / Luneta? Check out Things to Do near Luneta Park, Dolomite Beach, and how to commute from Alabang, Cubao, Buendia, PITX for your itinerary

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Fare increase starting October 8, 2023

TransportNew Min FareAfter 4kmAfter 5km
Traditional jeep₱13₱1.80
Modern jeep₱15₱2.20
Ordinary City Bus ₱15₱2.25
Ordinary Provincial Bus₱15₱1.90
Aircon City Bus₱15₱2.64
Aircon Provincial Bus (Deluxe)₱15₱2.10
Aircon Provincial Bus (Super deluxe)₱2.35
Aircon Provincial Bus Luxury₱2.90
LTFRB Fare Increase effective October 4, 2022

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Luneta / Rizal Park Map

Walking Tour Luneta with Dolomite Beach Manila

Here’s a sample Luneta Rizal Park walking tour in Manila including the Dolomite Beach. You can choose to start off first in the Dolomite beach or have it as the last leg and watch the sunset in Manila Bay. This is a total of 8 kilometer and can be finished in one day. You can end your tour in Intramuros / Manila Cathedral.

  1. Manila Baywalk Dolomite Beach, Roxas Blvd (Free Entrance)
  2. Manila Ocean Park (Entrance Fee: varies)
  3. Kilometer Zero / Quirino Grandstand (Free Entrance)
  4. Rizal Monument (Free Entrance)
  5. Rizal Park (Free Entrance)
  6. National Museum (Free Entrance)
  7. Liwasang Bonifacio (Free Entrance)
  8. Metropolitan Theater (Free Entrance)
  9. Jones Bridge (No Entrance)
  10. Fort Santiago (Entrance Fee: 75) closes at 5:00 PM
  11. Manila Cathedral / Intramuros

How to Commute to Luneta Rizal Park?

There are several ways to commute to Luneta or Rizal Park including transportation modes such buses, ferries, jeepney and train from. The easiest way is by taking the LRT to UN Avenue from EDSA or Monumento or taking a cruise on the Pasig River Ferry and going down in Lawton Terminal. There are also buses and jeepneys from PITX, EDSA Pasay Rotonda, Baclaran

Kung ikaw ay nagpaplano na mag commute papuntang Luneta Rizal Park, tignan sa baba ang mga dapat mong sakyan kasali ang mga pamasahe.

PITX to Luneta

To commute from PITX to Luneta Rizal Park, Ride the Quiapo, Lawton, or Monumento via Roxas Blvd bus. The fare for Aircon bus is ₱25 and the buses operate from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Kapag galing ka ng PITX papuntang Luneta Rizal Park, sumakay ka ng Quiapo, Lawton, or Monumento via Roxas Blvd na bus. Ang pamasahe ng Aircon na bus ay ₱25 at ang mga buses ay nag ooperate mula 5:00 AM hanggang 10:00 PM.

Baclaran / SM Mall of Asia to Luneta

To travel from Baclaran or SM MOA Mall of Asia to Luneta / Rizal Park, you can ride the Divisoria jeepney that will pass by Mabini / Harrison and pay the fare of 13 and drop off in UN Avenue

Kung pupunta ka sa Luneta mula Baclaran sumakay ka ng jeep na pa Divisoria na dadaan sa Mabini / Harison at bumaba ka sa UN Avenue. Ang pamasahe ay 13. Pwede mo na lakarin or sumakay ka ng tricycle papuntang Roxas Boulevard (fare: ₱20).

Edsa, North Ave to Taft to Luneta

Passengers coming from Trinoma North Ave Station going to the Luneta Rizal Park may ride the MRT to EDSA Taft, then take the LRT going to United Nations (Luneta) or Pedro Gil Station (UP PGH). and then ride the tricycle to Roxas Boulevard (fare: ₱20). If you are planning to walk, it will take you around 20-30 minutes from the LRT station.

Pag galing ka sa SM North / Trinoma, Sumakay ka ng MRT or EDSA Carousel na bus papuntang EDSA Taft. Pag dating mo sa Taft station, sumakay ka ng LRT papuntang United Nations (Luneta).

Cubao to Luneta

There are two ways to travel from Cubao to Luneta Rizal Park , 1.) Ride the LRT / FX / Bus from Cubao to Doroteo Jose (Recto Station) and then ride the jeep bound to Baclaran via Mabini / Harison. 2.) Ride the MRT or EDSA Carousel Bus to Taft Avenue, then follow the EDSA Taft instructions above.

May dalawang paraan para mag commute mula Cubao papuntang Luneta Rizal Park, 1.) Sumakay ka ng LRT / FX / Bus mula Cubao papuntang Doroteo Jose (Recto Station) tapos sumakay ka ng LRT 1 mula Doroteo Jose Papuntang UN Avenue Station 2.) Sumakay ka ng MRT or EDSA Carousel Bus papuntang Taft Avenue, tapos sundan mo ung direction sa taas na galing EDSA Taft.

Quiapo / España to Luneta

The best way to travel from Quiapo / España to the Luneta Rizal Park is by riding the jeepneys heading to Intramuros or Baclaran via Mabini / Harison. Ask the driver to drop you off in Luneta Rizal Park.

Ang pinakamadaling paraan para pumunta sa Luneta / Rizal Park galing Quiapo / España ay sa pagsakay ng jeep na papuntang Intramuros o kaya Baclaran na dadaan ng Mabini / Harison / Taft. Pwede ka din sumakay ng jeep na dadaan sa Manila City Hall.

Guadalupe to Luneta

Commuters from Guadalupe going to the Luneta Rizal Park may ride the jeepney going to Leon Guinto (L Guinto / Bukid) terminating in Taft Quirino Avenue. Once in taft, you can ride the tricycle to Manila Bay.

Pag galing ka sa Guadalupe at gusto mo pumunta sa Luneta, sumakay ka ng jeep na Pa Leon Guinto (L Guinto) sa may Guadalupe Mall. Titigil ang jeep sa may Taft / Quirino Avenue tapos sumakay ka ng jeep papuntang Luneta.

Alabang to Luneta

To commute from Alabang to Manila Bay Luneta Rizal Park, you can ride the Lawton Bus from Starmall Alabang and then take the Bus from Lawton to PITX passing along Roxas Boulevard or ride the PITX Bus from Starmall then ride the Lawton or Monumento Bus via Roxas Boulevard.

Kung ikaw ay babyahe mula Alabang papuntang Luneta Rizal Park maaari kang sumakay ng bus na pa Lawton Bus galing sa Starmall Alabang at pagdating mo sa Lawton, pwede ka na mag bus pa PITX na dadaan sa Roxas Boulevard. Pwede ka din suumakay ng bus galing Alabang na pa PITX galing sa Starmall tapos sumakay ka ng Lawton or Monumento Bus via Roxas Boulevard pag dating sa PITX.

Cavite to Luneta

Passengers from Cavite going to the Luneta Rizal Park may ride the buses or UV Express van headed to Lawton (direct route) or PITX (cutting trip). From PITX, Ride the Quiapo, Lawton, or Monumento via Roxas Blvd bus.

Kung ikaw ay taga Cavite at nais mong pumunta sa Luneta Rizal Park, pwede kang mag bus o kaya UV Express van na pa-Lawton (isang sakay) o kaya PITX (cutting trip). Mula sa PITX, Pwede ka na sumakay ng bus pa Quiapo, Lawton, o kaya Monumento na dadaan sa Roxas Blvd.

Laguna / Batangas to Luneta

For passengers going to Luneta Rizal Park coming from Calamba, take the P2P bus to Lawton then ride the PITX bus via Roxas Boulevard or Baclaran Jeepney via Mabini / Harison. Passengers from Sta Rosa Laguna or Lipa / Batangas City may ride the Bus to PITX and then ride the bus to Quiapo, Lawton, or Monumento via Roxas Blvd bus.

Kung nais mong pumunta sa Luneta Rizal Park galing sa Calamba, sumakay ka ng P2P bus na pa-Lawton tapos sa UN Avenue bago dumating ng Lawton. Kung ikaw naman ay galing sa Sta Rosa Laguna o kaya ay Lipa / Batangas City, sumakay ka ng bus papuntang PITX saka sumakay ng bus papuntang Quiapo, Lawton, or Monumento via Roxas Blvd bus.

Bulacan / Quezon Avenue / Kamuning to Luneta

Passengers coming from Bulacan going to Luneta / Rizal Park may take the bus to Quezon Avenue / GMA Kamuning then transfer to PITX bus via Taft and alight in front of Luneta.

Kung ikaw ay galing Bulacan papuntang Luneta, sumakay ka ng bus papuntang Quezon Avenue / GMA Kamuning. Tapos lumipat ka sa bus na papuntang PITX bus na dadaan sa Taft at bumaba sa UN Avenue. Pagtawid mo ay Luneta na.

MRT TAFT to Trinoma Stations

Here’s the list of MRT Stations – Taft Ave. Magallanes Ayala Buendia Guadalupe Boni Shaw Blvd. Ortigas Santolan Annapolis Araneta Cubao GMA Kamuning Quezon Ave. North Ave.

Eto and listahan ng MRT Stations – Taft Ave. Magallanes, Ayala, Buendia, Guadalupe, Boni, Shaw Blvd. Ortigas, Santolan Annapolis, Araneta Cubao, GMA Kamuning, Quezon Ave. North Ave.

North AveQuezon AveKamuningCubaoSantolanOrtigasShawBoniGuadalupeBuendiaAyalaMagallanesTaft
North Ave131316162020202424242828
Quezon Ave131313161620202024242428
MRT Fare Matrix

LRT 1 Baclaran to Balintawak

The minimum fare for LRT 1 is ₱11 for the Stored Value Cards (Beep) ₱15 Single Journey Ticket while the maximum fare end to end is ₱30.

The new LRT 1 fare matrix effective August 2, 2023 is as follows: ₱14 minimum fare, ₱33 maximum fare for Stored Value cards while ₱15 – ₱35 for Single Journey Tickets. Entry and Exit on the same station is charged ₱13 for Stored Value Cards. You can check the updated fares here

LRT 1 Schedule for Northbound from Baclaran to Roosevelt is from 4:30 AM to 10:00 PM from Monday to Friday and 4:30 AM to 9:30 PM every Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. Meanwhile, the train schedule for southbound from Roosevelt to Baclaran Station 4:30 AM to 10:15 PM from Monday to Friday and 4:30 AM to 9:45 PM every Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

Ang minimum na pamasahe sa LRT 1 ay ₱11 para sa Stored Value Cards (Beep), ₱15 para sa Single Journey Ticket at maximum na ₱29 para sa Stored Value Cards (Beep) at ₱30 para sa Single Journey Ticket.

Ang bagong pamasahe ng LRT 1 simula August 2, 2023 ay ang sumusunod: ₱14 minimum fare ₱33 maximum fare para sa Stored Value cards samantalang ₱15 – ₱35 para sa Single Journey Tickets. Ang pagpasok at paglabas sa parehong estasyon ay may bayad na ₱13 para sa Stored Value Cards.

Ang schedule ng LRT 1 mula sa EDSA Taft / Baclaran papuntang Balintawak Station ay mula 4:30 AM (first trip) hanggang 10:00 PM mula Lunes hanggang Biyernes at 4:30 AM hanggang 9:30 PM tuwing Sabado, Lingo at Holidays. Samantalang ang southbound naman mula Roosevelt papuntang Baclaran Station ay mula 4:30 ng umaga hanggang 10:15 ng gabi mula Lunes hanggang Biyernes at 4:30 ng umaga hanggang 9:45 ng gabi tuwing Sabado, Lingo at Holidays.

Gil Puyat₱15₱13
Vito Cruz₱15₱14
Pedro Gil₱15₱15
Un Avenue₱20₱16
Doroteo Jose₱20₱19
Abad Santos₱30₱22
5th Avenue₱30₱23
LRT Baclaran to Balintawak
5th Avenue₱15₱15
Abad Santos₱20₱16
Doroteo Jose₱20₱19
Un Avenue₱30₱22
Pedro Gil₱30₱22
Vito Cruz₱30₱24
Gil Puyat₱30₱25
LRT Balintawak to Baclaran

LRT 2 Fare Matrix

The fare from Antipolo to Recto on LRT Line 2 is ₱28 for stored value and ₱30 for single journey ticket. The cheapest fare is ₱11 for stored value and ₱15 for single journey. The LRT 2 stations from Recto station are Recto, Legarda, Pureza, V Mapa, J ruiz, Gilmore, Betty Go Belmonte, Cubao Araneta Center, Anonas, Katipunan, Santolan, Marikina, and Antipolo. MRT 3 and LRT 2 will meet at Cubao Araneta Station while LRT 1 and LRT 2 will meet at Recto Station.

Ang Pamasahe mula Antipolo papuntang Recto sa LRT Line 2 ay ₱28 kapag stored value at ₱30 naman kapag single journey ticket. Ang pinakamurang pamasahe naman ay ₱11 sa stored value at ₱15 naman sa single journey. Ang mga stasyon ng LRT 2 mula Recto station ay Recto, Legarda, Pureza, V Mapa, J ruiz, Gilmore, Betty Go Belmonte, Cubao Araneta Center, Anonas, Katipunan, Santolan, Marikina, at Antipolo. Ang MRT 3 at LRT 2 ay magsasalubong sa Cubao Araneta Station samantalang ang LRT 1 at LRT 2 naman ay sa Recto Station.

V Mapa15141311131415161819212325
J Ruiz16151413111213141617192123
Betty Go 18171615131211121415171921
Cubao 19181716141312111213151720
LRT 2 Stored Value Fare Matrix
V Mapa151515151515202020252525
J Ruiz201515151515152020202525
Betty Go 202020151515151515202025
Cubao 202020201515151515152020
LRT 2 Single Journey Fare Matrix

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