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Saulog Transit Inc Bus Terminal, Bus Schedule, Contact Details

Saulog Transit Bus Contact Number

You can contact Saulog Transit Inc at these mobile / landline numbers or via Facebook: (046) 484 8071
Terminal: Olongapo, Cabanatuan, Ternate, Cavite City, San Fernando, PITX, MRT Taft Pasay Rotonda

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Fare increase starting October 8, 2023

TransportNew Min FareAfter 4kmAfter 5km
Traditional jeep₱13₱1.80
Modern jeep₱15₱2.20
Ordinary City Bus ₱15₱2.25
Ordinary Provincial Bus₱15₱1.90
Aircon City Bus₱15₱2.64
Aircon Provincial Bus (Deluxe)₱15₱2.10
Aircon Provincial Bus (Super deluxe)₱2.35
Aircon Provincial Bus Luxury₱2.90
LTFRB Fare Increase effective October 4, 2022

For exact fares, you may contact the bus operators directly:

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Saulog Transit Bus Terminal

Saulog Bus Terminals are located in Cabanatuan, Cavite City, Olongapo City, PITX, San Fernando Pampanga.

Saulog Transit Bus Schedule

CabanatuanOlongapoSaulog Transit Inc
CabanatuanSan Fernando Pampanga₱145Saulog Transit Inc
Cavite CityPITX₱59Saulog Transit Inc
Cavite CityRosario CaviteSaulog Transit Inc
OlongapoCabanatuan4:40 AM to 4:40 PM₱295Saulog Transit Inc
OlongapoPITXSaulog Transit Inc
OlongapoSan Fernando Pampanga3:00 AM to 3:00 PM₱136Saulog Transit Inc
OlongapoSta Cruz ZambalesSaulog Transit Inc
PITXCavite City4:00 AM to 9:00 PM₱59Saulog Transit Inc
PITXOlongapo3:30 AM, 4:30 AM, 5:30 AM, 6:30 AM, 8:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM, 3:30 PM, 4:30 PM, 6:30 PM₱320Saulog Transit Inc
Rosario CavitePITXSaulog Transit Inc
San Fernando PampangaCabanatuan3:00 AM to 3:00 PM₱145Saulog Transit Inc
San Fernando PampangaDinalupihanSaulog Transit Inc
San Fernando PampangaLubao₱75Saulog Transit Inc
San Fernando PampangaOlongapo₱136Saulog Transit Inc
San Fernando PampangaPITXSaulog Transit Inc
Bus Schedule

Saulog Transit Bus Route

Cabanatuan to Olongapo
Cabanatuan to San Fernando Pampanga
Cavite City to PITX
Cavite City to Rosario Cavite
Olongapo to Cabanatuan
Olongapo to PITX
Olongapo to San Fernando Pampanga
Olongapo to Sta Cruz Zambales
PITX to Cavite City
PITX to Olongapo
Rosario Cavite to PITX
San Fernando Pampanga to Cabanatuan
San Fernando Pampanga to Dinalupihan
San Fernando Pampanga to Lubao
San Fernando Pampanga to Olongapo
San Fernando Pampanga to PITX

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